Micro Piles

A Few Words About Us

Micro piles provide a cleaner, greener, minimised waste foundation solution.

Micropiles allow you to add to or extend your property, whilst protecting yourself from subsidance and ground heave. More importantly they are also quicker and cheaper to install than conventional deep trench foundations.

Micro piled foundations save time and money over conventional deep slab foundations when building on unstable ground. Instead of messy and disruptive deep trench excavations Micro piles help you to reduce the cost of your foundations, and your build’s impact on the environment.

Our Team

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What We Offer

Micro piles

Micro piles are small diameter piles containing structural elements such as steel tubes or profiles which can be filled with cement or mortars.

Reinforced steel cage

Reinforced steel bar is used to fabricate a reinforcing cage which is joined to the top of the Micro piles. When concrete is poured into the trench this forms the reinforced concrete ground beams on which to build.

Reinforced concrete

Micropiles can supply and pour concrete to complete your foundations, to help you further reduce your costs, and ensure your project is completed on time.

Ground works

To help further reduce the cost of your project Micropile can excavate your site and dig the trenches ready for installation of micro piles.