About Micro Piles and Mini Piles

micro_pilesMicro piles or mini piles are small diameter piles containing structural elements such as steel tubes or profiles which can be filled with cement or mortars.

Mico piles or Mini piles are used to support foundations when adequate bearing capacity can not be found at shallow enough depths to support the structural loads using conventional foundations.

Micro or mini piles transmit foundation loads through soil strata of low bearing capacity to deeper soil or rock strata having a high bearing capacity. They are used when for economic, constructional or soil condition considerations it is desirable to transmit loads to strata beyond the practical reach of shallow foundations.

It is important to understand that piles get support from both end bearing and skin friction. The proportion of carrying capacity generated by either end bearing or skin friction depends on the soil conditions.

Micro or mini piles can be used to support various different types of structural loads such as extensions, conservatories, garages and driveways.